keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

Yesterday we went to see Black Lips. They were really good! I didn't care that much about the last album, but the latest one, Arabia Mountain is neat & nifty.

Last time the Black Lips were playing in Helsinki, a boy I know was playing with another band at the same venue. After the soundcheck he was happy to meet the Black Lips, whose music he really liked, at the backstage. Everyone was polite and well behaved, so they introduced themselves and shook hands. The fourth Black Lips dude, however shook hands with the-boy-I-know, and said "Jerk!" My friend was saddened by this unexpected insult, and could not figure out what to say. He stared in disbelief the fourth-Black-Lips-dude who just smiled.

The offended boy-I-know rushed out from room, and wondered what made the fourth Black-Lips-dude dislike him so much that he wanted to call him jerk. After explaining this weird situation to a friend, he found out that he had just misheard the name of the fourth Black-Lips-dude Jared.

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