maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

I don't know why I did this. Ina had made one of these, and I liked reading it from her blog. Also, filling out stupid questionnaires makes me feel like someone is interested in me.

A) Age: 31.

B) Bed size: Normal.

C) Chore that you hate: Almost all of them.

D) Dogs: I do not have any pets. I'd like to have a owl or a chinchilla, but I'm allergic.

E) Essential start to your day: I tend to drink coffee, but not always. I try to eat something, but I'm not a morning person so usually I just drink some coffee. Waking up in the dark, cold winter mornings feels as hard as raising from the dead. You just don't feel like eating after that. Or maybe like eating brains and drinking blood, but I'm a vegetarian.

F) Favourite Colour: Black and red. I also like grey and brown.

G) Gold or silver: I like to have my bullets silver (for werewolves) and hearts golden (here's Neil Young searching for the Heart of Gold)

H) Height: Maybe 162cm? Can't remember, I rarely measure myself and my memory is rotten.

I) Instruments you play: I play guitar in The Seekrets and drums in The Splits, maybe someday I'll have a band where I play the keyboards. I also own a tiny children's harmonica but it's a really tricky little instrument.

J) Job title: Illustrator and a comic artist. Sometimes I write stuff too.

K) Kids: I do not have any. But I like kids.

L) Live: In Helsinki.

M) Monsters name: If I would have a monster, I'd call him Ghäänu Mox.

N) Nicknames: I do not really have any, I have a short and unusual name.

O) Overnight hospital stays: When I was small child I had pneumonia, but I was just few years old so I don't remember anything about it.

P) Pet peeves: I'm gonna answer this one in Finnish: Semikiroilu. Minusta on ihan ok jos kiroillaan, tai jos ei kiroilla, mutta puolivälin "hitsin vitsi, voi video, himputti sentään" on rai-vos-tut-ta-vaa.

Q) Quote from a movie: my memory is rancid and moldy. I can't remember stuff like this.

R) Right or left handed: Right. Political view: left!

S) Siblings: Just one, but she is great.

T) Time you wake up: Around nine. Weekends later.

U) Underwear: I like underwear. And clothes in general. Why would anyone want to be nudist, when there are so many great clothes you can wear?

V) Vegetable you hate: I like all of them! I'm allergic to celery, so let's say that then.

W) What makes you run late: All kindsa troubles. Lost keys, flat bike tires, phone calls from talkative relatives. But I'm not late that often!

X) X rays you’ve had: Who cares. Teeth and a ankle. In the good old days they had x-ray machines in shoe stores, so you could see how your feet adjusted in the shoe. Read here!

Y) Yummy food that you make: I think I make okayish food, but I don't have any yummyspecials I would feel like boasting with.

Z) Zoo animal: I would like to have a horror zoo! It would be in an old castle, and there would be gigantic snakes, a slimy frog pond with floating lanters, black cats with sparkly green eyes, and an albino gorilla. And a vampire squid.

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  1. Hahahaa!!! Quote this: "Also, filling out stupid questionnaires makes me feel like someone is interested in me." Mun mielestä on erittäin mielenkiintoista tietää ihmisten röntgenkuvista...

  2. Stacy: well, yeah, but since we havent left the basement yet...
    Ina: Mut kaikkeist kivointa niitä on oikeasti nähdä! Kaverilla oli joskus omat keuhkoröntgenit kiinnitettynä ikkunaan, niitä oli kyllä jännä katsella.

  3. Ahaha, aloin miettiin et miksi ihmeessä kirjotit mulle enkuksi, mutta kas niimpä olin kirjottanu itekki. Ah tätä nerouden räiskettä! Jotenki varmaan ton tekstin imussa vahingossa tuli. Nii ja oha sulla myös lempinimmiä, esim. aijuli ja aijuliini, ja sit on myös julkkis aiju!

  4. Mää kirjotan/sanon että Aijju. Horror zoo olis kyl melko kova!

  5. Horror zoo ois ihan huippu! Vaik toki oikeesti suurin osa eläintarhoista on aika horroria jo muutenki, mut silleen ei-kivalla-tavalla...