torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

The trip with The Seekrets to Germany was fun!

When I looked at the photos I had taken from the trip, I was surprised by the amount of walls in them. The memory card was filled with pictures of German walls (though not the most famous one, Berlin Wall). Sure there would have been loads of more interesting things to photograph, but I guess walls are easy targets. They're large and tend to keep still.
The wall behind the stage in the place where we played in Leipzig. It was in a punk rock trailer park with friendly dogs running around, and open fire in the yard when it got dark.
The wall in the room where we slept in Chemnitz. It was covered with posters of the bands that had been playing in Subway to Peter.
The radio wall in the kitchen in Leipzig.
The wall with the framed pants of Joey Ramone in the Ramones Museum in Berlin.

Other neat places where we went in Berlin:
- Bei Roy, where we got really good vegan pizza and played with the Bad Ceasars and Pipistrelli
- Tiki Heart Cafe, with a shop downstairs where I got myself a cute Hawaii sun dress. Which I won't be able to use for months, since it's rainy, cold autumn here in Finland, followed by snowy, cold winter and slighty less snowy, cold spring.
- Wowsville record store and bar.
- Bassy club that had a great DJ playing 60's garage, but with my toe broken I did not feel like dancing.

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