tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

The Seekrets (1/2) 7"

Jipii! The Seekrets / Lazards vinyyli-EP on vihdoin valmis! Seekretsiltä on biisi rantabileistä, kiinalaisesta King Kongista, tylsästä urheilijahirviöstä ja ihanista mandariineista!
 Yay! Our 7" split with Lazards is finally out! You can order it from Combat Rock Shop. The vinyl is red with black splatter, looks good with the red covers! I'm pretty happy with the cover photo of random stuff I found at home: plastic robot, hedgehog bones given to me by my father, keys that dont fit any lock, red vitamin pills, vampire face shaped pick, and my own old wisdom teeth. Also someone else's teeth,  I found it from my kitchen cupboard but cannot remember who has given me his/her teeth. I don't know if I have skeletons in my closet, but at least some teeth and bones!

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